Tony Webster

Hi, I'm Tony. I'm a web engineer interested in information security, health and government technology policy, open data and freedom of information, and environmental issues.

A few things...

  • I run HTTP Shaming, a Tumblr that (nicely) shames sites that don't encrypt user data in transit.
  • Made an app that texts you if your car was towed by the City of Chicago.
  • Prototyped a patient-facing medical record—won part of the Health Design Challenge.
  • Created to catalog local government data access policies.
  • Designed a site to help patients find the safest and most affordable local hospital.
  • Built an app that sends you suggestions of healthier restaurants as you use foursquare
  • Created an app that alerts veterans when new local veteran-committed jobs are posted.
  • Made a Chrome extension to warned you when visiting sites of SOPA/PIPA supporters.




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